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Teresa Grasby

Teresa Grasby is a Canadian artist from Calgary, Alberta.  As a third generation Calgarian, with a background in environmental science, Teresa's artwork is inspired by her appreciation of local Alberta plants and landscapes. Whether it is a mountain vista, aspen forest floor, or a vast prairie landscape, Teresa is fascinated by landscape flow, texture, and colour harmony.  Teresa prefers the physical process of working large and impromptu.  She uses expressive means to establish the underpainting and mood, followed by putty knives to lay in the big shapes and get down the intial composition.  Teresa creates large, bold works of art which communicate her energetic spirit and optimism.

Teresa's artistic ability was recognized throughout her education winning the Wes Irwin Art Scholarship, and the Robert Warren Art Scholarship.  Teresa has 8 years post secondary education in physical geography and environmental design as well as a minor of art degree in painting and drawing.  For her efforts she received the Undergraduate Merit Award. 

Teresa has cultivated her skills in drawing and painting over the years and now mentors developing artists at her art instruction facility in NW Calgary, The Grasby Art Studio.   Teresa teaches workshops in many subjects and genres while imparting her impromptu painting process.